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Popular topics for seminars, workshops, keynote addresses
and one-to-one coaching:

Unique Strategies for Unique Times
Energizing with Humor
Managing Stress, Fear and Anxiety
Relationship/Social Marketing
Public Speaking - Tools From An Actor
Leadership Skills for Life
Listening With Intent
The Power of Storytelling Skills
Empathy - The Key To Making a Difference
Empowering Your Intuition
Managing Diversity
Emotional/Social Intelligence
Holistic Client Service
Thinking on Your Feet
Stress Free Managing
Sales - Making Friends
Effective Communication
Team Building Excellence
The Authentic Self
Persuasive and Motivating Presentations

Mr. McGrath often combines the above topics per the client's goals and objectives.

To schedule one-to-one coaching, a half-day or full-day session, or a series of interactive workshops, please call 651-274-5209 or email fred@fredmcgrath.com.