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"The only source of knowledge is experience."
      --Albert Einstein


Lasting Learning for Individuals and Organizations

Fred’s unique combination of traditional and experiential training produces clear understanding and meaningful change that lasts. He draws on years of business consulting experience and improvisational expertise to deliver a learning process that is effective, entertaining and fun.

In Mr. McGrath’s years of business and professional development work, he’s met the needs of business leaders, executives, professionals, national politicians and professional sports team owners. In addition to the following sample workshops, Fred also customizes training to fit individual goals and objectives.

Leadership for Life - There are many ways to be a successful leader. Build leadership skills by learning how to identify and enhance your strengths. Learn how to motivate others and gain their cooperation. Practice skills through experiential exercises that will empower you to develop and mentor those around you. Master 5 basic steps to conflict resolution that can be powerful tools in the work place. Hone your confidence and decision-making abilities; learn how to think on your feet. Learn how to increase your flexibility and successfully navigate through times of crisis and change.

Team Productivity - In today's business and professional climate it is essential that team productivity be at the highest level possible. Develop the skill and awareness required for assessing and maximizing individual team leadership skills and styles. Identify and resolve unproductive team member participation. Utilize the most effective team leadership strategies while maintaining ongoing team balance and efficiency. Help your team learn how to master flexibility and quick decision-making in times of change.

Effective Client Marketing and Relationship Building - Master marketing opportunities through establishing, building and maintaining lasting relationships that will result in growth where you want it. Identify your delivery style and then match it to your client's communication style. Improvisation exercises will help you learn empathy, listening skills, thinking in the moment, storytelling structure and much more. Practice marketing presentations and build on your inherent personal style.

Spontaneity as a Tool - Learn how to improve your communication skills through improvisation techniques, both simple and advanced. Learn lasting tools to reduce stress, resolve conflicts, develop a deeper understanding of your client's wants and needs, how best to serve them and appreciate their point of view. Make listening a habit and learn to do so intuitively. Respond quickly with insight. Focus in the moment and communicate with your natural talents.

The Power of Empathy and Conflict Resolution - This workshop will empower you to understand your clients and colleagues from a thorough, empathetic perspective. You will be able to deflate conflicts and potentially confrontational situations with five easy steps. Discover how to enhance your client development skills and strengthen your key work relationships. Use your inherent creativity to establish the business skills you have always wanted. Bring more of who you are to where you are at all times.

Coaching - Learning a new skill can be challenging. There are times when attending a workshop or seminar, reading an article or watching a DVD may not be enough. Personal instruction and individual attention will ensure excellence where and when you need it. Your speaking and listening skills will be enriched and truly incorporated into your work style.

Thinking, speaking, listening and acting from true centeredness are the most valued and powerful qualities you can possess. Mr. McGrath has developed original techniques over decades of
coaching and teaching to deliver down-to-earth guidance for individual clients, small groups and
large conventions.

To schedule one-to-one coaching, a half-day or full-day session, or a series of interactive workshops, please call 651-274-5209 or email fred@fredmcgrath.com.