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"Cognitive learning promotes improved thought; emotional learning promotes improved behavior."
      --Fred McGrath


Perform at Your True Potential

The need to connect in the workplace reflects our need to move from human doings into our natural state as human beings. Our work lives seem to demand that we maintain an uncomfortable duality: the career self vs. the true self. In today's professional climate, we rarely feel safe and comfortable enough to claim our true selves. Yet we do our best work when we can be in the moment, without self-judgment and self-monitoring.

What skills can you develop or strengthen?

   Learn to have the confidence to be yourself in any business situation.
   Develop techniques to leave stress and anxiety behind to enhance effectiveness.
   Build your presentation skills for individuals and groups.
   Eliminate "habit energy" not serving your career.
   Skills that allow you to become a strong team player and an exceptional leader.
   Learn how to quickly resolve conflict in work situations with five simple steps.
   Develop and maintain key relationships with skill and without stress.
   Understand clients and colleagues from their point of view.
   Learn how to use power of storytelling.
   Access your imagination and intuition to increase your effectiveness and comfort in every aspect of your career.
   Appreciate that who you are is as important as what you do.
   Eliminate negative self-talk and other "inner" distractions.


Without passion, purpose and collaboration, your work life will suffer from sub-par performance. The ability to be in your full potential without stress can be achieved by eliminating the obstacles not serving you in your career.

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